Acts Lodomskoj the Church Diocese of Arkhangelsk

Acts of Lodomskoj Church in Arkhangelsk Diocese/[compiled by m. g. Kurdyumov; edited by n. f. Solovjeva]. -Saint Petersburg: izdanie Archeographical Commission, 1908. -VIII, 28 p., 312, 42 STB. ; 27 cm. -
Originator and editor are listed at the end of the preface.
Pointers: STB. 1-42.-Print out 25 t. "Russian history library".
I. Mikhail Grigoryevich Kurdyumov (1869-1924). II. Platonov, Sergey Fedorovich (1860-1933). III. the Archangel Roman Catholic Diocese. IV. The Imperial archeographical Commission (St.-Petersburg). 1. Arkhangelsk diocese-history-documents and materials. 2. Power (collection). 3. People (collection). 4. Archeographical Commission (collection).
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The original storage location: the library of the Moscow Theological Academy
Publisher издание Археографической комиссии
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