Portrait Of Vladimir Mayakovsky. Sculptor A. Charkin

Portrait Of Vladimir Mayakovsky. Sculptor a. Charkin: [Picture]. -[Leningrad, 1986]. -Copy machine, black and white. -
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The inscription on the reverse pencil and date: Charkin a. s. "Mayakovsky". Granite, 50h40h40. 1986 g.
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Sculptural portrait of Vladimir Mayakovsky was founded o. s. Charkinym in the year 1979. Executed in granite, size 100 cm h40h40 works.
I. Charkin, Albert S. (1937-2017). 1. Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky (1893-1930)-fine art-photography. 2. Charkin, Albert S. (1937-2017). Sculpture-Pictures. 3. People (collection). 4. Russia faces (collection). 5. A. Charkin (collection). 6. sculpture of Russian-20-photography. 7. Documentary photograph.
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