Artistic picture of the world in pilgrim prose 1800-1860s: Sacred space, history, man

Alexandrov Osokina, Olga Nikolaevna (1964-).Artistic picture of the world in pilgrimage prose 1800-1860s: Sacred space, History, Man: Abstract of dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Philological Sciences: Specialty 01/10/01 / Alexandrov-Ostokina Olga Nikolaevna;[Mosk.Stateoblastun-t].- Moscow, 2014. -51 p.;21 cm .. -Place of protection: Mosk.Stateoblastun-t.- List of work Avt.: With.47-51.- a substrateNote .. - on the rights of manuscript..-120 cop..1. People (collection).2. Russian (Collection).3. Russian literature.4. Pilgrimage - in the literature of Russian - 19 century.- dissertation abstracts.5. Painting of the world (lit.) - dissertation abstracts.BBK 83.3 (2 = 411.2) 5-44Я031BBK 86.37-576.7Я031Electronic source: MGOU.Website
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