History of national legislation and democracy in Switzerland

Kurtie, TheodorHistory of national legislation and democracy in Switzerland / F. Kurti, Member of the Swiss National Council, Member of the Seng-Gallensky Government Council;Translation from German. F. Lvovich.- S.-Petersburg: publication of the partnership "Knowledge", 1900. -VIII, 240 p.;23 See - (historical and political librarity of V. A. Possees; No. 3).-With Annexes: I. General Review of the Development of the Swiss Authority and the Law of People's Initiative in the Union / [Essay] G. F. Lvovich.II.Results of the Swiss referendum / [Essay] F. Kurti..I. Lvovich, Grigoriy Fedorovich (-1911) .1Russia is Switzerland: from the history of relationships (collection).2. Russia and the countries of the world (collection).3. Power (collection).4. People (collection).5. Democracy - Switzerland.6. Switzerland - politics and management.BBK 63.3 (4shva) 5BBK 66.3 (4shva), 1BBK 66.1 (4shva) 5BBK 66.031.1Electronic Source: PBPlace of Storage Original: SPbSU
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