Church and state in Geneva in the XVI century in the era of Calvinism

Vipper, Robert Yuryevich (1859-1954).Church and the state in Geneva in the XVI century in the Epoch of Calvinism / R. Vipper.- Moscow: Stanta S. P. Yakovlev, 1894. - [763] p.section.Pag.;25 cm. - (The influence of Calvin and Calvinism on the political teachings and movements of the XVI century) (scientists of the Note of the Imperial Moscow University. Department of Historical and Philological; Issue 21).-On the cover only the title of the 2nd series..1. Russia - Switzerland: from the history of relationships (collection).2. People (collection).3. Church - Relationship - the State - Switzerland - 16 V .. 4. Calvinism - Switzerland - 16 V .. 5. Geneva, City (Switzerland) - History.BBK 63.3 (4shva) 51-37Electronic Source: PBPlace of Storage Original: SPbSU
Publisher печатня С. П. Яковлева
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