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Issue 5: Millennium of the Truth of the Russian: history and perspectives of studying the oldest monument of domestic law = Millennium of Pravda Russkaya: history of the Russian law: [comp. Ed .: Dr. Ju. sciences, prof. T. E. Novitskaya, Dr. Jurid. sciences, prof. DI Lukovskaya, Dr. Jurid. Sciences N. V. Dunaeva; editorial board of the issue: T. E. Novitskaya, Dr. legal Sciences, Professor, laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation, L. E. Lapteva, Dr. legal Sciences, Professor, D. I. Lukovskaya, Dr. Jurid. sciences, professor and others]. - 2017. -316, [1] p .. - (Series "Historical Jurisprudence" ="Studia Historico-Juridica" seriesscientific editors of the series: DI Lukovskaya, Doctor of Law, Prof., Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation , N.V. Dunaeva, Doctor of Law, Associate Professor. -
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The issue is dedicated to the 1000th anniversary of Russian Truth, the celebration of which is recognized as one of the priorities of the Russian Historical Society for 2015- 2017 The articles included in the collection reflect the current level of scientific understanding of the problems of the origin of Russian Pravda, the ratio of its various editions, its role in the formation of Old Russian statehood and law, as well as the experience of students and schoolchildren studying this monument. -100 copies -ISBN 978-5-9909732-3-7 .
I. Novitskaya, Tatiana Evgenievna (Doctor of Law; 1953-). Ii. Dunaeva, Natalia Viktorovna (Doctor of Law). Iii. Lukovskaya, Genevra Igorevna (Doctor of Law). Iv. Lapteva, Lyudmila Evgenievna (Doctor of Law, 1957 -). 1. Power (collection). 2. Right (collection). 3. "Russian Truth" (a set of ancient Russian law) - Collections. 4. Right - History - Compilations.
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ISBN 978-5-9909732-3-7
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