The incomprehensibility of fate

Dmitrevsky, Ivan Afanasyevich (1736-1821).
Inscrutability of fate: allegorical prologue, in case vozhdelennago vseradostnago and release from disease His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince and Grand Duke vserossiyskago, in 1771 year / Works of Dmitrevskago. - In St. Petersburg: [Type. Acad. Sciences], 1772.-35, [1] p. ; 12 ° (16 cm). -
to: Emin F.A. A brief description of the ancient and modern state of the Ottoman Ports. - In St. Petersburg, 1769.
Circulation 614 copies
On p.36 knigoprodavcheskaya painted Miller.. - SK XVIII.
I. Miller, Carl Wilhelm. II. Academic printing house (St. Petersburg) .1. Paul I (Imp, 1754-1801).
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
Publisher [Тип. Акад. наук]
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