On the marriages of orthodox people with heterodox


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Theophanes (Prokopovich Eleazar, Archbishop of Novgorod and Narva, 1681-1736).
On the marriages of orthodox people with the heterodox. - 2 nd ed. -Moscow: The Synodal type., September 1781. -1 tit. l., 1-16 = 17 liters. ; 8 ° (16 cm). -
to: Emin F.A. A brief description of the ancient and modern state of the Ottoman Ports. - In St.Petersburg, 1769.
Ornament: splash, ending.
Set: 19 lines .- Font: 10 lines = 59 mm.
The combined catalog of the Russian book of the Cyrillic print of the XVIII century. / A. S. Zernova, TN Kameneva.
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
Издательство Синодальная тип.
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