Journals of the Kotelnicheskoy district zemstvo assembly .... 15th regular session. 15th regular session and reports of the Kote...


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Kotelnich uyezd. zemstvo assembly.
Journals of the Kotelnicheskoy district zemsky assembly ...: With the adj. - Vyatka, 1868-1917. - 22-26. -
Place of the ed. Zh .: for 1871-1873, 1876-1879, 1880-1884, 1886-1894 gg. and adj. 1912: Kotelnich.
It is written in the text. ed .: for 1869-1873, 1874 (. Extra), 1879-1881, 1883-1884 .: Decision Kotelnichesky county Zemsky assembly; for 1875-1876: Reports and resolutions of the Kotelnicheskiy district zemsky assembly; 1867 for the first period .: Result Action Tinkers county Zemstvo expressed in reports Kotelnichesky county rural assembly and resolution meeting on these reports; for 1874 contains only the name and date of the meeting.
I. Kotelnicheskaya uezd zemstvo administration.
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
15th regular session: the 15th regular session and the reports of the Kotelnicheskaya Uyezd Zemstvo Administration ... 1881. - 1882.-396, [5] c .. - .
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
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