In the Far North

Nansen, Frithjof (1861-1930).In the Far North: Inuit life: with 17 figures / Fridtjof Nansen;abridged translation [and preface] ON Popova.- 2nd edition.-Sankt Petersburg Edition T va A. Popov, 1914. -94 with 17 yl, 118...;21 cm. - (Tales of the different countries and nations).-Date on the spine.It contains also: beyond the Arctic Circle: [stories] / K. wore.Moscow: the publication of the magazine "Young Russia", 1912. 118 p.(For the family and the school library).- A copy of the Arkhangelsk BSS is possessory convolutes..I. Popov, Olga (writer, publisher; 1848-1907) .1.People (collection).2. Russian language (the collection).3. The area (collection).4. Development of the Arctic (collection).5. Russia - Norway: from the history of the relationship (the collection).6. Eskimos - Greenland.7. Children's literature - Russia - 20 .. 8. Russia - Russian literature - North.LBC 63,521 (= 753.21)BBK 26.89 (21)BBK 83.84 (2 = 411.2) 53electronic copy Source: PBThe storage location of the original: Arkhangelsk BSS
Publisher Издание т-ва О. Н. Поповой
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