Review of the Chronicler of Pereyaslavl

Polenov, Dmitry Vasilyevich (1806-1878).
Review of the Chronicler of Pereyaslavsky / [op.] DV Polenov; [ed. M. A. Obolensky]. - St.Petersburg: To type. Imp. acad. Sciences, 1854. - [2], 40 p. ; 27 cm. -
OT. from 1 book. "Scientific book", ed. 2nd Department of Acad. science.
I. Obolensky, Mikhail Andreevich (1805-1873) .1. The chronicler of Pereyaslavl-Suzdal, compiled in the beginning of the XIII century.
BBC 63.212
BBC 63.3 (2) 41
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Publisher В тип. Имп. акад. наук
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