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General Institution: The annual recruitment from the state of recruitment, about sending for the reception of these convoys, and in disgust of any unprofitable things, about fines and penalties for guilt, who will both act in a recency and in recoil. [Confirmed on December 23, 1757]. - Moscow: Senate Printing House, Feb. 11. 1758. -39 p. ; 2 °. -
On with. 39: Printed in St. Petersburg with the Imp. Acad. Sciences, December 23, 1757, and in Moscow in the Senate Printing Office, February 11 numbers, 1758.
Without tit. l. Described on p.9.
On with. 1-7: "What is the proposal to the Conference established at the court of her Imperial Majesty Conference, from Senator ... Count Pyotr Ivanovich Shuvalov, on the division of provinces into an annual recruitment set into five parts ...". - SK XVIII.
I. Shuvalov, Peter Ivanovich (1711-1762).
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
Publisher Сенатская типография
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