News of Byzantine historians. Part 1. About the Slavs

Striter, Ivan Mikhailovich (1740-1801).
Izvestiya Byzantine historians: Explaining the Russian history of ancient times and the people's settling; / Collected and chronologically arranged by Ivan Stritter. - Санктпетербург: При Имп. Acad. Sciences, 1770-1775. - 8. -
Circulation 600 copies
Izd. Coll., Trying to per. foreign. book
Extract. from the vast. Labor Authors. "Memoriae populorum", comp. them on behalf of Acad. sciences first on it. and then with it. ruk. with the participation of the author. trans. on rus. yaz. V.P. Light (see the preface to part 1 of the first edition of Izvestia).
Each part is equipped with a pref., Which lists the use. aut. sources. - SK XVIII.
I. Svetov, Vasily Prokofievich (1744-1783). II. Academy of Sciences. Meeting, trying to translate foreign books (St. Petersburg). III. Academic printing house (St. Petersburg).
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
Part 1: On the Slavs. - 1770. - [28], 135, [1] with .. - .
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
Publisher При Имп. Акад. наук