Theory of Physical Culture

Duperron, Georgy Alexandrovich (1877-1934).
The theory of physical culture: the scientific foundations of physical culture, the systematics of physical exercises, the technique of physical education, exercises for physical education lessons: with 113 drawings: admitted by the Leningrad Regional Council of Physical Culture / GA Dupperon. - 3rd edition, revised, amended. -Leningrad: Cooperative publishing house "Time", 1930.-620, [1] p. : il .. - .
I. Leningrad Regional Council of Physical Culture. The people (the collection). 2. Sports in Russia (collection). 3. Physical Culture and Sport - Theory.
BBK 75.1
Source of electronic copy: National Library of Russia
Location of original: РНБ
Publisher Кооперативное издательство "Время"
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