Statistical inland regarding the Russian Empire,

Hermann, Karl Fedorovich (1767-1838).Statistical aspect regarding the Russian Empire, / Essay Karl Herman.- St. Petersburg: Printed at the Imperial Academy of Sciences, 1819. - 8 ° (23 cm).-Stroke.Note.AutoList of subscribers on s.I - V (Pag. 1st).According to the subscription there were more than 200 copies.Price: 7 p.In 1811 - 1815.These studies were partially published.On Fr.Yaz.In t. 3 - 5 of the 5th series "Memoires de L'Academie Imperiale des sciencees de st.petersbourg".Cents: G.M.Yatsenov, 1815Preport.Autoon s.I - XI (Pag. 2nd).Consolidated catalog of the Russian book 1801-1825..I. Yatinov, Grigori Maksimovich (OK. 1778-1852).Electronic copy source: RGB
Publisher печатано при Императорской Академии наук

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