As a colonel has to do with a distribut, or county defined on Evo Regiment

As the colonel has to do with a distribution, or county defined on Evo Regiment / [Decree Peter I dated June 26, 1724].- Printano in St. Petersburg: under the Senate, July 1724. -7, [1] p.;2 ° (32 cm).-Dialing size 231 (240) x140 mm.Selo.To: Instructions to the Colonel how to deal with certain payers on his regiment, and with Zemsky Kamisar.- Printano in St. Petersburg, July 24, 1724.There are two var.ed., differing in the location of the set in relation to M.P.And another set.In Var.2 - the size of a set of 228 x 138 mm.In PSZ (T.7. No. 4535) Zavel.: About the post of colonel to observe the Zemskoy Police in a countdown is defined for the apartment and food of his regiment.Ed.Also with changing the size of the set.SC 1708-1725..I. Peter I (imp.; 1672-1725).Electronic copy source: RGB
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