Historical Overview th December 14, 1825, the year and the events he predshedshih

Korf, Modest Andreevich (1800-1876).Historical Overview 14 December 1825 and it predshedshih events / [Baron Korf].- St. Petersburg: Printing in the second branch of His Imperial Majesty's Office, 1848. -VI, 168.;27 cm. -Author Unknown to IV with.text.Without the cover sheet.Described by its cover.Bibliography: p.IV-V.- A copy of the RSL on the cover of the stamp: From the library.preosvyaschen.Mitropa.Filaret..1. The Decembrists in the history of Russia (the collection).2. The people (set).3. The Decembrists - Memories, notes, etc ..BBK 63.3 (2) 521-425yu14electronic copy Source: RSLThe storage location of the original: RSL
Publisher тип. 2 Отд-ния Собств. е. и. в. канцелярии
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