Agricultural programs

Svavitsky, Nikolay AlexandrovichAgricultural programs: Sat.Agr.Prog.Soc.Parties in Zap.Europe and Russia / Sost.N. S.;With preface.P. Maslova.- Moscow: KN-in New World, 1906. - [2], 63 p.;eighteen. -In the 2nd ed.and on the covers 1906 and 1917.Hound: Agricultural Socialist Party Programs in Western Europe and Russia.AutoReveal by ed.: Masanov.Dictionary of pseudonyms.T. 2. M., 1957..I. Maslov, Peter Pavlovich (1867-1946).II.N. S ..Electronic copy source: RGBOriginal storage place: RB 15/3229;RB 19/582;I am 73/754.
Publisher кн-во Новый мир

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