Rusky chronicle on Nikonov List.Part 5. From 1407 to 1462

Ruska Chronicle on Nikonov List / published under the viewing of the Imperial Academy of Sciences.- in St. Petersburg: under the Imperial Academy of Sciences, 1767-1792.- 4 °.-Circulation 1503 copies.Part 1 prepared for the press A. L. Schleser and S. S. Bashilov, part 2 - S. Bashilov and A. Ya. PolenovIn December 1760, the entire circulation entered the academic book shop.Nikonovskaya chronicle acade.XV List.With divergence, additions and decree.Nikonovsky chronicle is printed in the "full meeting of Russian chronicles" (T. 9-14. SPb.-PG, 1862-1918).New chronicler (Part 8).- SK XVIII.- Book.Sat83. P. 203..I. Polenov, Alexey Yakovlevich (1738-1816).II.Basilov, Semen Sergeevich (1741-1770).III.Schlezer, Augustus Ludwig (1735-1809).IV.Academic printing house (St. Petersburg).V. Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg) .1.Nikonovsky chronicle.BBK 63.3 (2) 4th12Electronic copy source: RGBPlace of Storage Original: RGBPart 5: from 1407 to 1462 year.- 1789. - [3], 290 s .. -.1. Nikonovsky chronicle.2. Power (collection).3. People (collection).BBK 63.3 (2) 42U12Electronic copy source: RGBPlace of Storage Original: RGB
Publisher при Императорской Академии наук
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