Theory of Meadow Laws,.Deposit 2. Establishment for land surveying land and when approving between, with definition of some meth...

Aleev, Vasily SergeevichThe theory of Mercury Laws, / Designed for Teaching in the Konstantinovsky School established under the Meadow Corps, by the Titular Advisor and Kavaler Aleev.- Moscow: In the printing house P. Kuznetsova, 1824-1825.- 12 ° (18 cm).-Cents: M.Ya.Malov, 28 Apr., 22 Dec.1824Consolidated catalog of the Russian book 1801-1825..I. Malov, Mikhail Yakovlevich (1799-1849).Electronic copy source: RGBDeposit 2: instruction for land-based land surveying and with approval between, with definition of some method and loyal rules to produce, all cottages with situations and with the General and Special Plans to compose, with the introduction of forms of all written Amermerovindustries, and that, in addition, in the consequence of confined instructions and additional decrees, landfills should execute.- [1824].-228, [2] p.: Tab .. -Deposit 1-2 woven..Electronic copy source: RGB
Publisher в типографии П. Кузнецова

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