Vera in Jesus or the shortest way to God.

Vera in Jesus or the shortest way to God./ Translation from foreign.- In Moscow: in a synodal printing house, 1813. - [4], 20 s.;8 ° (20 cm).-Preport.translator (p. 1-4) with a signature: I. L-X-N.In S.P. Bourg, in April 1803.Selo.To: Do ​​not fade the spirit.- SPb., 1819.Dedication to the translator Mitre.Amvrosia (subhead) on C [3].Per.I.V.Lopukhin.Cents: Synod.Consolidated catalog of the Russian book 1801-1825..I. Lopukhin, Ivan Vladimirovich (1756-1816) .1.Ambrose (subheads, Andrei Ivanovich; 1742-1818).Electronic copy source: RGB
Publisher В Синодальной типографии

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