Reply to Archimandrite Paul

Akvilonov, Yevgeny Petrovich (1861-1911).
Reply to Archimandrite Paul: [about his "Brief Remarks" on our book "The Church: Scientific Definitions of the Church and the Apostolic Teaching of It as the Body of Christ"] / [op.] Prof. SPB. the academy, the archpriest. E. Akvilonova. - Ed. 2 nd, corrected. and additional. -Saint Petersburg: Type. IV Leontief, 1905. -41 p. ; 23 cm. - .
1. Paul of Prussia (Archimandrite of St. Nicholas monastic mon, 1821-1895). 2. Aquilonov, Yevgeny Petrovich (1861-1911). 3. Religion - Christianity - Orthodoxy - Russian Orthodox Church - Belief - Religious dogma - Ecclesiology (doctrine of the church).
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