Loopy or sea guide

Budyshev, Ivan Matveyevich (? - no later than 1828).Loopy or Sea Guide ,: It contains a description of the forworthers and inputs to the ports, bays on the Azov Black Sea, in the straits of the preoccupation and the Byzantine,: with the addition of distortion of winds and about the current./ Solarmed under the State Admiralty Department.F. Leuten.Budyshev.- in St. Petersburg: in the marine printing house, 1808. - 4 ° (25 cm).-In a substrateNote.There are information on the history of the Black Sea region.For ed.AutoHe was awarded the Order of Vladimir 4 degrees.On Slamtitis.Stall: Sea Guide to the Azov and Black Seas.On s.I - V: Introduction.Consolidated catalog of the Russian book 1801-1825..Electronic copy source: RGB
Publisher В Морской типографии

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