Order of the Magnago Minister on the content of the army of things for the term of 1810

Arakcheev, Alexey Andreevich (1769-1834).The disposal of the Military Minister to content the army of things for the term of 1810.- [SPb.: A type.Statemilitary.College, 1809].-28, 3, [1] p.: Tab.;8 ° (19 cm).-There are substrates.Note.Selo.To: Reglemens Relatifs a l'Organization, Le Regime, L'Administration et La Comptabilite des Depots du Train des Equipages Militaires ... - Paris, 1808.Without tit.l.Stall.on Slamtitis.At the end of the text of the auth.: Military Minister Count Araksheev.day of 1809.On s.[1 - 3] (Pag. 2nd): the statement of transportation of the Ammunity things left from last year's pleasure of troops, in those Commisariat depot, from which released leaves for the deadline for the deadline of 810 years ago - the consolidated catalog of the Russian book 1801-1825..Electronic copy source: RGB
Publisher Тип. Гос. воен. коллегии

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