On the name and position of the city of Vineta, otherwise Yumin, Julina, Iomsburga

Shafarik, Pavel Iosif (1795-1861).
On the name and position of the city of the Vineta, otherwise Yumin, Julina, Jomsburg: [Chit. in the meeting of East. separations Czech. royal. of Sciences in Prague, 10 Oct. 1844 g. c.] / Op. P.I. Shafarika; Trans. with Czech. About Bodiansky. - Moscow: History and Antiquities is growing., 1847. - [2], 20 p. ; 25. -
Bibliography. in the note .. - Ott. from "Readings in the O-ve history and antiquities grew." 1847, No. 7.
I. Bodyansky, Osip Maksimovich (1808-1877) .1. Winet.
Source of electronic copy: RSL
Location of original: Patch to P 52/44; E 95/131
Publisher О-во истории и древностей рос.

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