Historical conversations about the anconditions of Velikago Novaorca

Evgeny (Bolchovitinov Evfimiy Alekseevich; Miter. Kiev and Galitsky; 1767-1837.).Historical conversations about the antiquities of Velikago NOVAGOROD.- Moscow: In the provincial printing house, A. Reshetnikova, 1808. - [6], 98, [2] p.;4 ° (26 cm).-In the preparation of additives, archival materials were used, burned in 1812The manuscript was sent by the author of Metropolitan Amvrosia (subhead), who sacrificed 397 rubles.on her edition.The book was printed under the supervision of N.N.Bantice-Kamensky.Cents: Mosk.University of Valz.com.There are intrathed and substrate.Note.AutoContent.Recycled "conversations", pronounced on the disputes of students of the Russian spiritual school at the Novgorod Metropolitan House 17 Dec.1807 and students of the Novgorod Seminary in theological competitions and during an open test in successes 15, 20 dec.1807: about the crowded of Old Velikago NOVAGORODA.About the ancient birth of Slavs Novgorod, about their appeal to the Christian faith and about the Novgorod hierarchy.On the elevation and decline of Velikago NOVAGORODA .. - Content.Also: adding the first about the ancient streets of Velikago NOVAGOROD (p. 69 - 78);Addition Second on the ancient monasteries and churches of the Novgorod, in the city itself and near him were (p. 79 - 88);The addition of the third of the five-year-old (p. 89 - 98) .. - the consolidated catalog of the Russian book 1801-1825..I. AMVROSIY (sub-founders Andrei Ivanovich; Mitr. Novgorodsky; 1742-1818) .1Bantysh-Kamensky, Nikolai Nikolaevich (1737-1814).Electronic copy source: RGB
Publisher в Губернской типографии у А. Решетникова

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