Pastoral exhortation of instilling safety vaccinia

Eugene (Bolkhovitinov Euthymios A.; Met Kiev and Galicia;. 1767-1837).Pastoral exhortation of instilling safety vaccinia / composition Vologda Bishop Eugene.;It is printed on the highest command of his Imperial Majesty.- Moscow: Synodal printing, 1811. - [2] 22 [4] c.;4 ° (25 cm).-The book was published Simultaneity in Moscow and St.Petersburg.Ed.was sent to "all the churches in Russia, read the add people every year three times" (see. Sup. 3654).Qualifications.: Synod, July 21, 1811On p.13 - 17: Notes.Contents.the historical character of the information on the distribution of smallpox and control .. - On p.18 - 22, [4] published by the official documents related to government measures to combat smallpox.Signed by Police Minister AD Balashov.- Union Catalog of Russian books 1801-1825 gg..1. Balashov, Alexander Dmitrievich (1770-1837).2. Prevention and control of epidemics in Russia (the collection).electronic copy Source: RSLThe storage location of the original: RSL
Publisher В Синодальной типографии
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