Tale of Mstislava I, Volodimarovich, Nice Prince Russian

Lviv, Pavel Yuryevich (1770-1825).The story of Mstislava I, Volodimarovich, the glorious Prince of Russian / the composition of Pavel Lviv.- Moscow: in university printing house, 1822. - [4], 32 s.;4 ° (29 cm.).-There are substrates.Note.Note.on s.27 - 32.In preface.(p. [3 - 4]) Avt.Notes that he tried to agree on his thoughts with the "Spirit of Russian Tales, Songs and Age."The story was sent to subscribers together with the CN.P.Yu.Lviv "The Church of the Glory of the Great Russians", as its component.See Note."From the publisher" in the book: Lviv P.Yu.The church of the glory of the Great Russians.- M., 1822. - S. [1] (row 2nd).Cents: A.F.Merzlyakov, July 21, 1821Literary mystifcake.See goats.- Consolidated catalog of the Russian book 1801-1825..I. Merzlyakov, Aleksey Fedorovich (1778-1830) .1Mstislav I Vladimirovich (KN; -1036).Electronic copy source: RGB
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