What is the proposal to the Conference established at the court of her Imperial Majesty

Shuvalov, Peter Ivanovich (1710-1762).
What is the offer to the Conference / From the senator of General Feldtsehmeister of her Imperial Majesty the General of the Adjutant of the real camera of the hero of the company's label under the commissioner, the state-owned hetman and the Count of Peter Ivanovich Shuvalov; On the division of provinces into an annual recruitment kit for parts ... - [St.Petersburg]: [Type. Mor. gentry. cadet. body], [December 23 days 1757]. -6 sec. ; 2 °. -
Presented by Shuvalov simultaneously with sost. the same "General Institution on the annual recruitment from the state of a recruit ...", napec., in connection with the need for the fastest publication, in another type. - in St. Petersburg, under the Senate.
It was distributed simultaneously with the "General Institution ..." by name. Decree of 23 December. 1757
At the end of the text of the signature: Count Pyotr Shuvalov.
Napec. Also under zagl .: The proposal to divide the provinces into five parts ...
I. Naval Cadet Corps (St. Petersburg).
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
Publisher [Тип. Мор. шляхет. кадет. корпуса]
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