The order book or in the fleet of maritime rights,

The order book or in the navy's navy fleet, / It is printed by the command of the emperor, Peter the First, the king and autocrat of the All-Russian. and other, and other :. - [St. Petersburg, [1716-1718]. -60 s. : il .. -
In the composition of the book. includes the Manifesto of Wilhelm of Orange.
Per.- Winnius.
The size of the set is 120x83 (85) mm.
Napec. also Jan. 16 1714 and in February. 1714
Under the vignette shown evidence 2nd ed .: The Sanktpiterburhe, 1714. February day.
CK 1708-1725.
I. Wilhelm III (The Orange, 1650-1702). II. Peter I (Empress, 1672-1725). III. Vinius, Andrei Andreevich (? -1718).
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
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