Theater. T. 1. Ten one-act plays

Pleshcheev, Alexander Alekseevich (1858-1944).
Theater: Repertoire of imp. and frequently. theaters / A.A. Pleshcheev. - 3rd ed. T. 1-2. -Moscow: Theater. b. S. Rassokhin, 1913. -2 tons; 21. -
In the 1st ed. For theater.
Source of electronic copy: RSL
Location of original storage: Cl. 66/111 (v. 2); E 62a / 150
T. 1: Ten one-act plays. - 1913. - [4], 191 s .. -
Contents: On the eve; Among the snows; Dinner; In the loan office; Author; Good night; I loved him; Unparalleled; The greatest discovery; In favor of the poor.
Source of electronic copy: RSL
Location of original: E 62a / 150
Publisher Театр. б-ка С. Рассохина
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