History of the Russian hierarchy ,. Part 2. [A general introduction to the history of the monasteries of the Greco-Russian Churc...

Ambrose (Ornatsky Andrey Antonovich, Epiphany of Penza and Saratov, 1778-1827)
The history of the Russian hierarchy, / Collected by the Novgorod Seminary prefect, philosophy teacher, the cathedral hieromonk Amvrosiy - In Moscow: At the Synodal Printing House, 1807-1815 - 8 ° (20 cm) -
The publication was undertaken on the initiative of Eugene (Bolhovitinov) Along with Ambrose Ornatsky) he collected a lot of materials for the "History", took care of the publication, kept proofs. In addition to the individual articles mentioned in the description, he owns the "Brief description of the Chinese Peking Monastery" (c439-500 ч2), a description of "Nilov Skete" with the appendix "The Charter of the Scythian monastic (c210-337 ч5), descriptions of the monasteries of the Vologda and Voronezh dioceses, almost all interpretations of incomprehensible words in ancient monastic letters. In the preparation of "Additions in addition to the History of the Russian hierarchy" (pp 859-1054 ч6), except for Ambrose (Ornatsky ) and Eugene (Bolkhovitinov), VG Anastasevich took part. He also composed a chronological list of Russian monasteries (from 1096-1148 ч6)
Circulation 2400 copies
Was prepared for publication also t7 "History" (20 pints per liter), dedicated charters of monasteries, but the censors found him "not worthy of and the publication was suspended. One of the proof-reading copies of these sheets is kept in the RSL (Collector of Undolsky No. 1419)
In 1822, T 1 was reissued without any changes. In 1827, T1, Part 1, with updates and corrections, was reissued in Kiev by Eugene (Bolkhovitinov)
Otd articles from the "History" were published in the form of impressions
Dedication to Ambrose (Podobedov) on [3]
In the information about the author of ч2 - 6 the changes in his posts are reflected Colon LXXXI in ч 2 is indicated on a sheet of 2 ° format with text on one side
The "Warning" (cI-XI) gives an overview of litas The price of a book in notebooks is indicated at the end of p1 (1 p50 k) and p6 (6 p). In ch 3 and 5, blanks are left for entering the price.
There is a podstroch pomoch
The combined catalog of the Russian book 1801 -1825 years
I Anastasevich, Vasily Grigoryevich (1775-1845) 2 Eugene (Bolkhovitinov Evfimiy Alekseevich, Metropolitan of Kiev and Galich, 1767-1837) 1 Nil Sorsky (Maikov, Nikolay, ok1433-1508) 2 Ambrose (Podobedov, Andrei Ivanovich, 1742-1818)
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
Ч2: [General introduction to the history of the monasteries of the Greco-Russian Church / Eugene (Bolkhovitinov): On Russian laurels; About stauropegial monasteries] - 1810 - [4], III, [1], III-CXLIX, [2], 658, 5, [1] c -
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
Publisher При Синодальной типографии