Inscription statistics of the Russian state ,. Part 2. On the state of government

Arseniev, Konstantin Ivanovich (1789-1865).
Inscription of the statistics of the Russian state, / Compiled by the Chief Pedagogical Institute Adjunct Professor Konstantin Arseniev. - St.Petersburg: In the printing house of the Imperial Children's House, 1818 - 1819. -No with. XVIII - XXIII Part 1: Proceedings of Scientists or Literature of Russian Statistics. ; 8 ° (22 cm). -
Preface. aut. (pp. [7 - 8]) is dated September 15. 1818
Subscription (10 rubles per 2 hours each), and then the book was sold to the Sleniny. Despite the approval of the book for printing by the censorship and the educational authorities, several years after its publication, a number of his author's thoughts served as an excuse for accusing him in a harmful direction and removing him from teaching at the university. Timkovsky, June 30, Ya.V. Tolmachev, Dec. 10 1818
Dedication of the author. S.S. Uvarov on with. [3 - 5].
The combined catalog of the Russian book of 1801-1825
I. Tolmachev, Yakov Vasilyevich (1780-1873). II. Timkovsky, Ivan Osipovich (1768-1837). III. Sleniny. Uvarov, Sergei Semenovich (1786-1855).
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
Part 2: On the state of the government. - 1819. - [4], 286, [2] with .. -
h. 1-2 are woven.
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
Publisher В типографии Императорскаго Воспитательнаго дома
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