Rules for the Pedagogical Institute. : [Approved. 16 Apr. 1804]

The Main Pedagogical Institute (St. Petersburg).
Rules for the Pedagogical Institute. : [Approved. 16 Apr. 1804]. - [St. Petersburg]: [Senate. type.], [1804]. - [2], 19, [3] p. ; 2 ° (32 cm). -
On with. 19, [3] (row 2 nd): On the original signed: Peter Svistunov. Mihailo Muraviev. Prince Adam Czartoryski. Nikolay Novosiltsov. Fedor Klinger. Stepan Rumovsky. Nikolay Ozeretskovsky. Nikolai Fus.
In the book. Also: His Imperial Majesty from the Minister of People's Education [P.V. Zavadovsky] report [on the renaming of the Teachers' Gymnasium in the Pedagogical Institute and on the submission of the "Rules" for approval], p. [1] (row 1). Approximate staff of the Pedagogical Institute, p. [2 - 3] (row of the 2 nd) .. - Opobl. also under No. 55 in the collection: Decrees of the Emperor Alexander the First, the autocrat of the All-Russia, held in 1804. - Moscow: In the Senate Printing House, [1805] .. - Consolidated Catalog of the Russian Book 1801-1825
I. Fuss, Nikolai Ivanovich (1755-1825). II. Novosiltsev, Nikolai Nikolayevich (1761-1838). III. Zavadovsky, Peter Vasilyevich (1739-1812). IV. Ozeretskovsky, Nikolai Yakovlevich (1750-1827). V. Klinger, Fedor Ivanovich (1753-1831). VI. Svistunov, Petr Semenovich (1732-1808). VII. Czartoryski, Adam Jerzy (1770-1861). VIII. Rumovsky, Stepan Yakovlevich (1734-1812). IX. Muravyov, Mikhail Nikitich (1757-1807).
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