Life of Prince Gregory Aleksandrovich Potemkin-Tauricago,.Part 2

Prince Gregory Alexandrovich Potemkin-Tavricago ,: Taken from foreign and domestic sources.: With the addition of a meeting of jokes and letters relating to the life and nature of Prince Potemkin.- Moscow: In the printing house A. Waykov and com., 1812. - 12 ° (17 cm).-Portrait.G.A.Potemkin fig.I.D.Schubert - battle plans, battle scenes.Used boards prepared for the CN.I.F.Anti.Life and military acts ... Suvorov ... (St. Petersburg, 1799 - 1800);They are used in the book.J.E.Sereneville "Life ... General Feldmarshal ... Potemkin (St. Petersburg., 1811).Dotted line.cutter.Cents: Mosk.University of;V.M.Kotelnitsky, March 4, 1812There are substrates.Note.and notes.on s.39 - 72 h. 3 1st Pag.Book help.announcedFLSwashnikova on c.[4] Ed.oblastOn s.1 - 72 2nd Pag.Part 3: Meeting a jokes and letters about General - Field Marshal, Prince Potemkin - Tavrichesky, who serve as an addition to his life .. - The consolidated catalog of the Russian book 1801-1825..I. Kotelnitsky, Vasily Mikhailovich (1770-1844).II.Grachev, Alexey Petrovich (approx. 1780-after 1850).III.Schubert, Johann David (1761-1822) .1.Suvorov, Alexander Vasilyevich (1729-1800).2. Sereneville, Zhanna Eleanor de (1738-1807).3. Anti tree, Johann Friedrich (1753-1805).4. Potemkin, Grigory Aleksandrovich (1739-1791).5. Sveshnikov, Fedor Leontievich.Electronic copy source: RGBPart 2. - 1812. - [2], 145, [3] p., [3] l.Il .. -.Electronic copy source: RGB
Publisher В типографии А. Воейкова и ком.

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