Russia.Emperor (1682-1725; Peter I).Decree.: [About the appearance of all the alarms and nobles of any title, also headquarters and ober-officers, in Moscow for review in December, and about writing their arrival at the Colychev Stepan].- Print in St. Petersburg, September 21, 1721. - [1] l.;2 ° (34 cm).-Stall.Danis on PSZ (T.6, No. 3825).Set size 177x150 mm.The decree approved 8 seconds.1721The text begins in words: "Further in the Ineunity of His Tsarist Majesty, decree held, July 30 days, of 1721, was ordered by the whole state, all the aforementioned, and noble, all sorts of title, and retired Afisher, and who, except Siberia, and Astrakhan,Be to Moscow, or in St. Petersburg ... ".SK 1708-1725..I. Kolychev, Stepan Andreevich (approx. 1660-1735).II.Peter I (Imp.; 1672-1725).Electronic copy source: RGB
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