Decree of His Majesty the Emperor and Autocrat of All-Russia, announced in a nationwide news.

Russia.Emperor (1682-1725; Peter I).Decree of His Majesty the Emperor and Autocrat vserossiiskogo, is announced in a nationwide news.[About obedience to commanders in everything that is not contrary to the decrees] / [Peter].- [Moscow], [15 April.1724].-1 l .. -Also ed.twice in St. Petersburg on January 24.1724 with a small difference in Zagli.Under MP .: Prints at the Senate of January, 24 days in 1724.And in Moscow togozhe 1724 April 15 day.set size 143x130 mm.Decree of Peter I Jan 20.1724The text begins with the words: Vsepresvetleishii derzhavneishii Peter the Great Emperor and Autocrat vserossiiskii have ...Statement of responsibility are listed at the end of the text.The COR T.7.- UK 1708-1725..I. Peter I (Russian Emperor; 1672-1725) .1.Peter I (Emperor Russian; 1672 - 1725) - Documents and materials.2. Power (collection).3. Legislation - Russia - 1700 - 1725. 4. The highest ordinances.BBK 63.3 (2) 511yu11electronic copy Source: RSLThe storage location of the original: RSL
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