Foreign school

Foreign school: a collection of articles and materials on issues of foreign schools / under the general. Ed. G. G. Toumima and V. A. Zelenko. - Petrograd: edition of N. P. Karbasnikov, 1916. - [4], 254 p. ; 23 cm. -
Contained: How was the "Foreign Section" organized at the congress on public education / Almedingen N .; What is a foreign school / Zelenko V .; Foreign school as a phenomenon of Russian life / Zelenko V .; Foreign school and its requests / Rusova S .; On the issue of a foreign school and national self-determination / Levitin S .; Mother tongue in an alien school / Soltz V .; The law of July 1, 1914 and the alien school / Soltz V .; On the results of the work of the foreign commission at the congress on public education / Jordanian E .; Resolutions adopted by the foreign commission at the congress on public education.
I. Tumim, Georgy Grigorievich (1870 -). 1. Culture. The science. Education - Public education. Pedagogical sciences - Comprehensive school. School pedagogy - Comprehensive school - Russia - Types of comprehensive schools. Separate comprehensive schools. Children's shelters - High School. Types of secondary schools. Separate secondary schools - Secondary schools for non-Russian peoples - Collection.
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Source of the electronic copy: RSL
Publisher Издание Н. П. Карбасникова