The Statute of the Imperial Gentry Gentry Cadet Corps

Betskoi, Ivan Ivanovich (1704-1795).
The Statute of the Imperial Szlachetnaya cassock land corps: [Dan in St. Petersburg September 11 days, 1766]. - St. Petersburg: [Senate type.], 1766. - [4], 24 p. ; 2 ° (33 cm). -
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Circulation 600 copies
Before the text of the Charter, the decree and the manifesto of Catherine II are placed. - SK XVIII.
I. Catherine II (Imp, 1729-1796). II. Senate Printing House (St. Petersburg) .1. Gentry land cadet corps (St. Petersburg, city) - Statutes. 2. Power (collection).
ББК 68.43
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
Publisher [Сенатская тип.]
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