The Russian royal monument,

Ruban, Vasily Grigoryevich (1742-1795).
The Russian royal monument: Containing, in order of the alphabet, a brief description of life, in the Bose, resting pious Russian sovereigns, their spouses and children of both sexes, all those whose names are included in the registers of the royal pannikhid; : With the indication of the time and place of birth, stay, death and burial of these, with the expression of the days of their memory: And with the introduction of pannikhid mural on the days and months of the whole summer. / Was compiled by Vasily Ruban. - [St.Petersburg]: [Type. Gos. Voen. collegium], [1783]. -16 sec. ; 8. -
I. The State Military College. Printing house (St. Petersburg).
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
Publisher [Тип. Гос. воен. коллегии]
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