History of the Russian state

Streetter, Ivan Mikhailovich (1740-1801).
History of the Russian state, / Composed by the state councilor and cavalier Ivan Stritter. - Saint Petersburg: Pecs. the owner of the printing house of the School Establishment Commission, Fedor Brunkov, 1800-1802. - 4 °. -
Circulation 3020 copies.
Per. in Russian lang with manuscript. On him. lang carried out under the arm. P.I. Pastukhova M.A. Matinsky, I.F. Yakovkin, A.V. Gronsky, N.P. Osipov and F.V. Coral.
In out. Dan .: at Imp. Academy of Sciences.
On Tit. l Part 2 and 3 in subclause: Published by the highest order of the Commission on the establishment of public schools.
I.M. Streetter began to write "The History of the Russian State" in 1783 by order of Komis. on the establishment of nar. schools, according to the plan, sost. F.I. Jankovichem de Mirievo. By the time of his death, Streetter managed to bring the story to 1599, publ. there were only 3 parts containing the story of Ros. states from ancient times to 1462
I. Jankovic de Mirievo, Fedor Ivanovich (1741-1814). Ii. Shepherds, Peter Ivanovich (1739-1799). Iii. Osipov, Nikolai Petrovich (1751-1799). Iv. Coral, Philip Vasilyevich (1767-?). V. Gronsky, Alexander Vasilyevich. Vi. Matinsky, Mikhail Alekseevich (1750-c. 1820). VII. Yakovkin, Ilya Fedorovich (1764-1836).
Source of electronic copy: RSL
Publisher Печ. у содержателя типографии Коммиссии об учреждении школ, Федора Брункова