Rules for students in public schools

Jankovic de Mirievo, Fedor Ivanovich (1741-1814).
Rules for students in public schools / Issued by the highest order of the reigning empress Catherine II. - St.Petersburg: [Type. Acad. Sciences], 1782. -24 p. ; 8. -
Circulation 3000 copies
Book. was perepec. N.I. The new edition of 1200 copies, which caused in August. In 1784 the protest of Komis. Upon her request, available in the presence of 1190 copies. "Rules" were confiscated, and for the Prod. copies. from Novikov recovered money.
Izd. Komis. on the establishment of people. uch-uch.
I. Catherine II (Imp, 1729-1796). II. Novikov, Nikolai Ivanovich (1744-1818).
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
Publisher [Тип. Акад. наук]
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