The results of the census in 1920.Vol.1. (Main results of the demographic and professional census)

Psalms.Psalms.- Alexander Sloboda: Pec.Andronicus Timofeev Nevezha, January 31, 1577 [20.06.7084 - 31.01.7085].- [1], [1] - [3] 1 sheet engraving, [1] - [276] = 281 l.: Yl.;4 °.-Illustrations: 1 to 1 board - King David.Ornament: initials, screensavers, ligature.Display # 16.Font Size: 89 mm.Books Cyrillic print published in Moscow in the XVI-XVII centuries: arch.Cat./ A. Zernova.- 1958. - Publications Cyrillic script of the second half of the XVI century .: vault.Cat./ AA Guseva.- M., 2003.- Bk.1.At the start of the Afterword contains a message about the opening of the printing house in the Alexander settlement.electronic copy Source: RSL
Publisher печ. Андроник Тимофеев Невежа
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