Estimates of additional county provincial zemstvo duties of the Seva county .... ... for 1899

Sevsky County Zemstvo Board.
Estimates of additional provincial district commissions of the Seva district ... - Sevsk, [1867] -1916. -
Place of the ed. and publishing house: Orel: Type. Provincial government.
In the ed. 1870 г. zagl .: The cost estimate of the county zemstvo gathering on the Sevsk uyezd; 1871-1872 biennium:
Estimated money for county-level zemstvo expenses for Sevsk uyezd ...; 1874-1886 gg .: Estimates and layouts of money zemstvo duties on Sevsky uyezd (with insignificant changes); 1888: Estimate and layout of the district zemstvo collection and layout of the provincial gathering for Sevsky uyezd; with ed. 1896: The estimate and layout of the county-level zemstvo commissions and the layout of the provincial duties on Sevsky district.
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
... for 1899. - 1899. - [4], 107 s .. - .
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
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