Patriotic War and Russian Society.T. 1.

Patriotic War and Russian Society: 1812-1912 / Ed.A.K.Jevelhegova, S.P.Melgunova, V.I.Pichet.T. 1-7;East.Comm.Studies.Department Ortz.- Jubile.ed.-Moscow: Satent, 1911-1912.- 29. -.I. Dzhivegov, Alexey Karpovich (1875-1952).II.Melgunov, Sergey Petrovich (1879 / 80-1956).III.Picet, Vladimir Ivanovich.IV.Society for the dissemination of technical knowledge (Moscow).Historical Commission.Electronic Source: PBT. 1. - 1911. -VIII, 235 p., 38 liters.Il.: Il .. -.Electronic Source: PB
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