War History 1806 and 1807 .. T. 3. Hike to Poland

Lettov-Forbek, Oscar Background (1839-1904).History of war 1806 and 1807./ Oh.Oscar background-Letta-Forbek;Per.with it.Commander of the 18th Infantry.WORD.Shelf regiment.Foche and gene.Headquarters Lieutenk.Schulman;Ed.[And with a preface.to 1 and 3 t.] gene.Headquarters Gen.-Leit.A. Pubyrevsky.- Warsaw: Type.Ok.Staff, 1895-1898.-4 t .;25. -.I. Fokht, N. von.II.Schulman (Lieutenk).III.Pubyrevsky, A. (Gen.-Leit.).IV.Forbek, Oscar Background (1839-1904).Electronic Source: PBT. 3: Hike to Poland: with one cards.and 11 schemes.and pl.- 1896. - [8], VI, 152, 22 s., 9 liters.Il., cards., schemes., pl .. -P. 11-22 Third Pag.arr.5th: "Extract from the composition of Mikhailovsky-Danilevsky and from the Davi reports."- Bibliogr.: "Sources" (37 Names)..Electronic Source: PB
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