USSR and German question, 1941-1949.T. 2. May 9, 1945 - October 3, 1946

USSR and German Question, 1941-1949 = Die Udssr und Die Deutsche Frage, 1941-1949: Documents from the archive of the Russian Federation of the Russian Federation: Dokumentte Aus Dem Archiv Fur Aussenpolitik der Russischen Foderation: In 3 t. / East.-dock.Dep.Russian Foreign Ministry.Center Research.newest history in Potsdam;Historisch-Dokumentarisches Departement Des Mid RUSSLANDS.Zentrum Fur Zeithistorische Forschung Potsdam.- Moscow: International.relations.-.Electronic Source: PBT. 2: May 9, 1945 - October 3, 1946 / Sost.G.P.Kynin and Y. Laoufer.- 2000. -880 s .. -Decree.Names: s.829-864.- Decree.geogr.Named: with.865-872.- Bibliogr.: With.820-824.- Items.Declaration: with.825-828..I. Laofer, th .. ii.Kynin, GG ..Electronic Source: PB
Publisher Междунар. отношения

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