The course of the history of Russian law.[].Vol.1. Introduction.The history of sources of law]

Numbers, Peter Ivanovich (1862-1920).Course of the history of Russian law / [cit.] Pros.-Doc.Imp.Mosk.University and lyceum PINumber.[]-.- Moscow: Pechs.A.I.Snegier, 1914-1915.- 24. -Bibliogr.In the end of the Depth.chapters..Electronic Source: PB[].Vol.1. Introduction ;The history of the sources of law].- 1914. -160 s .. - -From "Scientific. Zap. Lyceum for 1914"[!] 1915, no.9;1916, vol.ten..Electronic Source: PB
Publisher печ. А.И. Снегиревой

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