Russian archive.Year 46. 1908. KN.1. Vol.1-4

Russian archiveYear 46. 1908. KN.1. Vol.1-4.- 1908. -624 s .. -Contains: From the notes of Count Philipse Segure: Napoleon before going to Russia and in Russia.Letter Prince A.A.Shakhovsky to the prince E.P.Meshchersky: Russia and Europe: 1833. Establishment of the Supreme Temporary Council in Duchy Warsaw 1813: Correspondence Prince M.L.Kutuzov with N.N.Novosiltsev.Konrad Valenod: correspondence N.N.Novosiltseva with Count D.D.Kurutoy and reporting the Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich.Family nicknames of the Great Russian clergy in the XVIII and XIX centuries / V.V.Sheremetevsky [and others].- notes.and text..Electronic Source: PB

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