Bulletin law and notaries.Year 7. No. 40. (October 5, 1914)

Bulletin of law and notary: weekly.journal: Property, notarism, court.- Moscow: B. and.-.Electronic Source: PBYear 7. No. 40. (October 5, 1914).- 1914. -1165-1196 p.: Tab .. -Content: 1. The jurisdiction of the War Time Court by law on July 30, 1914 / A. Trainin.2. On the application of Decree on September 12 to transactions in foreign currency / D. Ivensky.3. Overcoming the reserve in the provincial military presences / Yakov Grushevsky.4. Moskovsky World Congress on the procedural rights of subjects to be fighting with Russia.5. Mysterification or abuse?: (Regarding the V.P. Major Note. Parts) / S.A.Reeznikov [et al.].Electronic Source: PB
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